Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 76

I was very excited today to find out that I am a World Record holder for the most ties worn by a computer resource specialist! Certainly the legitimacy for this record could be challenged, but I believe the goal of the URDB website is to allow anyone to be a world record holder. You just have to set your record holding criteria so that it makes it difficult for anyone to follow you. My one little catch was that in order to beat my record you have to be a computer resource specialist- so I am challenging all computer resource specialists to beat the, “wearing of 50 ties at once” mark!

I will not try to break your record,
wearing 50 ties at once was not fun!

I was interested to see that another guy has a
record of 97 ties at once. I am not sure I believe it because there was no picture of the man wearing 97 ties. While I am sure it is possible, without a picture it is hard to believe. The funny thing is the record holder was at a party and there were pictures taken of him but the most ties he is wearing is about 10. In any event, he can have the record. I will not be wearing anywhere close to 50 ties ever again!

Geoffrey Beene tie has sharp points in the design and made me think of a shark’s mouth. I wanted more than just a bland tie today. Teeth, and it has burgundy in it. A tie with a bit of a bite!

I have no idea if I have ever worn this tie before. I am going to guess no. I don’t particularly like this tie, but I chose it to make a statement. Today’s statement is, “Watch out!” I feel aggressive, or maybe just hungry.

Do not wave a
Tagalong in front of my face, if you know what is good for you. Maybe I am more hungry than anything else...

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