Monday, March 22, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 81

On St. Patrick’s Day, our school had a fundraiser for the Relay for Life team that we sponsor. Everyone chipped in $2 and we could wear jeans and something green to celebrate the holiday. Relay is an easy cause for me to support.

My mother died from cancer when I was still in college. While she did not die from breast cancer, it was cancer that was responsible for her death. I always try to support causes for cancer research. One year I even dressed up in drag to help raise money for the cause- no, I will not be sharing that picture! But, I will have to say that I look good in red…

On Thursday, I decided to get my green out. I was a day late, but with a nearly all green tie just begging to be worn, I had to do it. I wore a green shirt and a green tie that has little red paisley like designs surrounded by a white outline. This is the only green tie that I have ever really liked.

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