Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 82

Sometimes I look for reasons to wear ties, because to wear them without a reason is ridiculous. Many ties must have a purpose behind wearing them, a theme, a holiday, or some kind of meaning. Monday’s tie was one of those ties.

I am not a big fan of wearing plants, and I particularly dislike flowers. It is purely a preference thing. I prefer to be seen driving a Porsche 911, but life has decided that I should drive a minivan. We must accept the moment and do what is required of us. Now I like driving my new
Kia Minivan. It has lots of buttons, and it fits the needs I have for a family vehicle. We make the best of things and move on.

I prefer not to wear flowers, but my plan for wearing a tie a day for the entire school year demands that my flower ties make an appearance. I am not concerned that wearing a flower tie diminishes my masculinity in any way. In other people’s eyes it might make me seem less manly, but I can’t help what anyone else thinks. If something as trivial as wearing a tie with a flower on it makes me less than an ideal man, I am in trouble
because I like quiche (especially if it has bacon in it- bacon makes everything better), too!

So on Monday I chose to wear this tie as a celebration of the arrival of spring. I liked wearing this tie. The blue background has large daisies covering it. It is bright and bold, and I must say that this tie is appropriate for the kick off of spring. It was a good tie day.

Tuesday’s tie will be another flower based tie. It was a rough winter and I want to bring in the new season right. My tie wearing project does not allow repeats, so I must find a way to work in all my ties (Except, of course, the one Christmas tie I missed. That one will not be seen this school year!).

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