Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 29

This tie represents the only Halloween themed tie I own. I know, I am surprised too, but this is actually a very nice tie. The dark background has bats and spiders on it that are outlined in blue. The tie goes very well with this shirt and the blue outline is pulled out by the blue shirt.

The funny thing about this tie is that hardly anyone noticed what was on it! It was like wearing no tie at all. My youngest child took the picture this morning, that is why the tie looks extra long - I was leaning over, and he didn't notice it until this afternoon when I took him out of the car. "Oh cool! Bats and spiders!"

I was kind of bummed that no one noticed the tie I had been saving for this one special occasion, but maybe everyone was distracted by my bad hair day.

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