Monday, October 12, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 20

The tie I chose for today is one that I like. It is interesting in another important way- it is one of the few ties that I own that were manufactured in this century!

I was not completely sold on the shirt/tie combo, but I was feeling bold this morning and took a chance. The tie is made from high quality silk and has a really beautiful iridescent appearance. The design on the tie is nice, but to me the striking quality is the way the tie plays with light. This is not a flat, dull tie. The light and dark duality gives it a feeling of never knowing what you will get from this little number.

I felt like I couldn't wear a solid color shirt with this tie because it would overwhelm one color all by itself (although with a suit and a solid color shirt it would be great). The pinstripe shirt was a gamble, but as I mentioned, I thought I could handle it today. I also should mention that this tie goes with my favorite colors, black, grey, blue and purple.

Too bad I can't wear the tie again this year!

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