Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 31

The tie I wore on Monday was an interesting blue tie with a peacock feather design. Revenge of the 80's ties! I did not have to wear a tie at all on Tuesday- a tie day off.

This blue tie is not really one of my favorites, and not even a tie that I think I have worn before. This tie was only a space filler, although I have to say that I did select a good shirt to go with it.

I have taken an interest in ties lately (obviously) noticing the ties that people wear around me, and on TV. Combining this interest in ties and my love for football and I have really been noticing the football analysts ties.

One man beyond all others stands out to me. Not because of the ties, but the knot he uses. Merril Hoge has the largest tie knot I have ever seen. It is easily 5 times bigger than the knot I use every day. This thing is massive! It must take half and hour to get this thing right. I contacted him through his website to find out about this impossibly large knot. Hopefully, I will hear back soon.

This curiosity about Mr. Hoge's knot let me to investigate knots in general. I never knew there were so many different knots out there! I should have known, between sailors and their knots and Boy Scouts and all of theirs, somebody was sitting around thinking of new knots to tie ties with...
I found this nice site that explains how to tie a tie in different knot styles, and I realized that the knot I was using is not on the list! I thought I was doing the Half Windsor, but not so. I kept looking on the list and it is closest to the Simple Double knot but with only a single loop in there.

Seeing as I do not have a name for my personal tie knotting system, I have taken it upon myself to name my own knot. Because of my simple White Trash background, and the single loop that I use in my knot, I am forever naming my knot the "Simple Single Redneck."

Have you ever seen a knot as big as this? I think it is the Atlantic Knot...


LAlconcel said...

So, have you figured out how to tie the BIG knot???

Michael said...

I guess I am a "Simple Single Redneck" as well!