Monday, November 9, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 34

Today I decided to do something bold, out of the ordinary and quite frankly, a little crazy. It is just the way I roll with it. Flouting convention, I did what I knew to be wrong, something others said should never be done.

And I pulled it off!

Stripes and dots, together- mixing and mingling in the naughtiest of ways- right on my chest.

I thought for sure someone would call me on it, but no, it was as if I was wearing a protective shield. Perhaps this was the day when I could do no wrong and I wasted the magic on a stupid shirt and tie combination instead of the lottery.

Or maybe no one cared...

It doesn't matter. When I tell this story, and I assure you I will, it will be a magical story of conquest over the fashion masters. How I screamed at the world, "Freedom!" with my face painted blue while riding my horse off to work.

Of course, I still can't top the horizontal red and blue stripped shirt with the green and white spotted camouflage pants combo my 5 year old wore out of the house today.

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