Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 33

Today was, "Fight the Photographer" day. My 5 year old, Sammy, was dying to get in on the picture taking, so I tried to give a little extra time to get a good shot while I was coaching him.

"Hold the camera like this and try and get the top and the bottom of the tie in the picture. Ok?"

"Ok!" He says as he attempts to get one at an odd angle that includes the dog.

"Sam, you need to hold it like this so you don't block the flash."

"Ok, Daddy!" as he turns the camera at a 33 degree angle that captures his own hand.

I then try to hold the camera with him at the right angle while pointing out how he should get just the tie in the picture.


"Alright buddy, that's good enough. Thank you!"

It is a good thing I crop these photos...

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