Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 35

Tuesday I wore this little number. I guess it is ok. It looks like a bunch of ninja throwing stars in an Escher pattern.

It is funny how I notice little things about each tie. On this tie on the bottom left side right where the angle turns from a almost vertical line down to the point of the tie, there is a small cut in the fabric. It is a clean straight cut that was probably made by scissors.

When I taught Kindergarten I was expected to wear a tie just about everyday, and as you can imagine I used scissors a lot. I probably cut it myself and never noticed. My ties always did get in the way then. I always just slung them over my shoulder to work.

People always asked me why I never got a tie clip- I hate them. Nothing personal against the little clips, I just never thought they were for me. I believe in free range ties!

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