Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 37

Today’s tie is fruity, and by that I mean it has lots of fruit on it. I don’t normally like fruits, vegetables or even plants on my ties, but this tie is ok. I do think it is odd that the fruit is all leaning to the right but somehow that doesn’t attract the eye as much and leaves you with a feeling of color rather than shapes.

Another late 80’s Countess Mara tie made of fine silk with an unexpected thickness to it, I imagine that at one time this was an example of fashionable men’s neckwear. Sadly, this tie hasn’t escaped my closet in at least 12 years.

Not normally a tie I would choose to wear, but it worked for me today. It is surprising how many ties I have liked that I would not have wanted to wear except for this silly tie a day gig…

Now if I could only get my little photographers to line up the pictures vertically. Lately my pictures seem to lean a bit.

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