Monday, November 16, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 36

In celebration of the Redskins dominating win over the Broncos yesterday I wore my last football tie of the year. This football tie looks like a football. It even looks like it has the grippy, bumpy texture of a football. The only problem with this tie is that it is a college football (the white stripes).

I was totally shocked that the Redskins played such a great game against the Broncos. The two glaring mistakes that the Skins made were in coverage on Brandon Marshall. How they made the same mistake twice I have no idea. The man is huge, fast and has awesome hands. Why isn't your best cover man on him all day with safety help?

The turning point in the game was when Brian Orakpo tackled Kyle Orton and twisted both of his feet under him. Orton couldn't play after that and Chris Simms couldn't win the game. Simms was rusty and out of sync with the rest of the team. Orakpo is my new favorite player (Not that I like people to get hurt, I don't. He just proved to be the difference maker).

If you are not a football fan, or a Redskin fan, I am sorry, but Skins fans have had nothing to get excited about all year. Let me have my day!

It would have been the best football day ever except my fantasy football team lost. At least Maurice Jones Drew gave me a personal apology for not making my team tie with those 6 points he left on the field. Smart football play, but you don’t get smart points in fantasy football. Thanks Maurice for the personal message, you are forgiven! Don’t worry, I won’t bench you.

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