Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 72

Today’s tie… What can I say about today’s tie? It has purple in it and it matches my clothes, but it is not exciting, controversial, or really even comment worthy. Yet these are the kinds of ties that I have always worn in the past while ignoring the rest of my collection.

Safe, boring… blah.

My daughter Savannah is a fashion risk taker- even in the second grade. This morning as I was taking my shower, she comes into the bathroom wearing the
Captain Kirk Star Trek shirt that I got her from the new Star Trek movie, and says, “Dad, can I wear this shirt to school today?”

I was very excited that she would want to wear the shirt. She is much braver that I am.

Having no fear and wearing something that you truly love; that is beautiful. It reminds me of the time when I was in the third grade and had a
Tarzan bathing suit. I loved that stupid bathing suit.

Not everyone appreciated the synthetic animal skin flaps stitched together to form a child’s bathing suit. After I realized how easily I became a target of public humiliation while wearing the suit, I refused to put it on any longer. Then I felt guilty because my grandmother had bought it special for me.

Sometimes there is no winning.

I remembered this incident as I thought about what to tell her. Do I tell her no, and crush her hopes to protect her from some mean spirited kid? Or do I say yes, and fail to protect her as my parental duties say I should? In either case I could be remembered as the bad guy.

Sometimes there is no winning.

I said, “Yes, baby girl. If you want to wear it, go ahead.” And then I prayed that I had done the right thing.

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