Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 65

The tie of choice today was one that I have been checking out for a while. I picked out my shirt this morning and ironed it specifically to go with this tie. After ironing, I put the shirt on and quickly realized that I had just spent precious preparation time ironing a shirt that would make me miserable. The shirt was a nice off-yellow shirt, but it was just a bit too tight across the chest. When my shirts are tight I spend the entire day convinced that I can “Hulk Out,” of it, and try endless repetitions of body building moves. It is exhausing work.

I guess it was close to three weeks ago when Savannah and Sam came to me asking for shirts that they could use to pretend to be scientists. I had saved two shirts for the next Salvation Army run and they were perfect for the kids, so I handed the shirts over and was a hero for 5 minutes of my life.

After the kids finished using the shirts, the shirts became lumps on the floor that were put in the laundry, and eventually, they found their way back into my closet. Innocently hanging in my closet, the shirts were just waiting for their next mission in life. Today it was sabotage!

I recovered from my brief bout of panic and fell back on the number one man rule-
adapt and overcome. The Columbia shirt was perfect, if only a little wrinkled. I gave it a quick shake and I was back in business. I only lost 2 minutes in the scramble that is my morning routine.

I must be on a nature kick this week. Today’s tie is all plants. Purple, green, tan, and brown plants cover the tie with just a hint of black as the background. I have no idea what kind of plants they are; to me they just look like leaves.

Today purple was the key… I wanted to wear purple, not the bright obnoxious purple, just the color in a more subdued version.

Two days of purple ties. What is going on here?

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