Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 64

Today, with my tie selection, I became bold. Daring the world to say, “Boo!” I left all of all of my hang-ups about wearing bright colors, fruits and plants at home and liberated this little beauty from the Island of Yesteryear’s Ties.

Sometimes it is all in how you approach a task, and today I went backwards. Living like the rebel I used to be, I declared today to be Opposite Day with an authority that I did not own, and I created … Magic!

I selected my shirt first. This green shirt has been hanging out in my closet wanting to be worn and today was his day. I looked at him and knew I could find a tie to make his day a good one. Looking through the interwoven collection of silken neck wear in my closet, this one tie, above all others, spoke to me. Adorned with large purple plums that seemed to fly up in my face and say, “Take that!” I knew the shirt and the tie were a natural pair.

The purple of the plums in conjunction with the swirling aquamarine background is surprisingly eye pleasing. The simulated watercolor paint is a soothing addition to the effect the colors have when placed so closely together. Like unfriendly dogs, I normally keep my aquamarine in a different room from my purple, but the softness of the watercolor effect creates a subtle buffer zone between the rival colors.

After today this shirt and tie must part, but the magic between them will live on…

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