Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 104

A funny thing happened last Thursday, I had tiejà vu (yes, I made that phrase up at tie number 30, and I am quite proud of myself). I kept looking at my tie and thinking that I had worn it before. In a way I had, tie number 94 had the same design but different colors.

I find it fascinating that something that has been right under my nose (or in my closet) for years can surprise me like this; I was not aware that I had two identically designed ties, but with different colors. This probably indicates that I have way too many ties.

I am also wondering if my father knew he had two ties with the same design. He always told me he was color blind. If this was true, then would he buy two ties that are so similar? It would have had to be an accident...

I can remember my father holding up ties and asking me what colors were in them and if they matched shirts and jackets. My guess is that he would memorize designs and outfits and give the ties some sort of a mental Garanimal tag.

In any case, there really is no way to know how this tie duplication occurred. There is a good thing that happened because of this, I was able to use my favorite made up phrase again, tiejà vu!

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