Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 101

Monday’s tie had a lot going against it. Coming up after the 100th tie put a lot of pressure on this one to show up looking good.

I really believe this tie followed the 100th tie with flair. Yes, I like paisley, and the tie has grey and brown in it. Of course I liked it! It is a bit on the thin side, but I think it is an acceptable width.

All of these ties I have been wearing, combined with all those I have yet to wear, have made me realize that I am terribly uninteresting.

I love the Dos Equis “World’s Most Interesting Man” commercials. Each time one comes on I shout, “They made this commercial about me!”

My kids are very fast at pointing out that I am delusional at best, and probably need intensive psychological help because the commercials are obviously not talking about me. I guess that is my fault for not having dumber children. They must get all the brains from their mother’s side…

Just one look at this blog should remind me how mind numbingly boring I am.

But there is hope! Now I can join the Dos Eguis Most interesting Man Academy! With courses like, “Command of the Animal Kingdom” and “Rites of Passage,” I am certain to be become a more interesting man almost overnight.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t set my sights so high.

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