Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 55

I often find myself thinking, “Why do I keep so many ties that I have never worn? Surely, I could give them away to someone that has no old, out of style ties of their own.” The tie I wore Tuesday was one I am certain I have never worn before.

It went with my outfit, but it just does not fit into the category of “ties I want to wear.” Perhaps I should broaden my horizons and wear things I don’t normally wear to acclimate myself to new styles, like a space suit or something. I have always wanted to go into space. I could just think of it as astronaut training, except with strange and ugly ties instead of a fully enclosed space suit.

This tie is very earthy, with large brown and green leaves on it. The tie is made of fine silk and the design has the look of painted on water colors. It really complimented my brown belt and shoes that I always wear. I also like the dark green, but all together it is just not something I like.

I think I have decided that half of the ties I own, I don’t really like. I will probably keep them though, maybe it is for selfish reasons, but they are a reminder of my father and I have to keep something from him, don’t I?

I am just not ready to give up the big, leafy, weird looking ties just yet.

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