Monday, January 4, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 48

The Force was with Anakin Skywalker when flew his makeshift pod to victory in the Phantom Menace. The odds were against him, yet he faced the challenge of the pod race with courage and allowed the Force to flow through him.

I had a similar experience yesterday as my Fantasy Football team rolled to a dominating Super Bowl victory! My team, the Dogman Funk All-Stars, came from the seventh pick in the draft at the beginning of the season to overall victory through the magic of two words – stupid luck. Experience, researching player performance, and even using add drops and trades to supplement your team does not equal the value of being lucky at the right time.

I will not question the way things are, I will just enjoy this moment for what it is… Victory!

Since I am all out of football ties, this Star Wars Pod Racing tie was as close as I could get to wearing a football tie in celebration. It might be a fun tie, but it is pretty ugly. It is only really appropriate to wear at a Sci-Fi convention, or maybe when visiting Mr. Lucas at the Skywalker Ranch.

The movie, The Phantom Menace, came out in 1999, so I know that I received this tie in either 1999 or 2000. Anakin and his nemesis, along with their pods, are prominently displayed across the front of this tie.

I am excited about this New Year – only two more ties till I get to 50!

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