Monday, December 14, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 44

Today’s tie is a snowman themed tie. The background is black and snowmen from around the world appear on stamps. Pisa, Honolulu, England, Florida New York and Cairo are the locations on the tie. A fun holiday themed tie with amusing pictures.

I really like this tie, but if you say you don’t like a Holiday themed tie you are sort of saying that you don’t like the holidays, so I try to be careful. I do have some other holiday themed apparel- a couple of Holiday T-shirts (Christmas Vacation and, of course, the Grinch) and about 4 pair of Christmas themed underwear (is that TMI?), but I must admit to burning a holiday sweater one year. I hope that doesn't make me a holiday hater!

The year that Amy and I began dating, our school (we have always worked together in the same school) had a holiday party at a local restaurant. That day I decided to wear a sweater that I think my grandmother gave me, because my kindergarten class was also having the class winter party that day. It seemed like a fun choice and the kids did like it.

This was a red sweater with white stitching that showed little reindeer prancing merrily around the torso with jagged mountains in the background and little snowflakes all about. Not exactly the most manly of sweaters to wear out in public, but you can understand why the kids liked it.

Of course, at the party later that day, after the people from work started to loosen up a bit, you can probably imagine that the sweater mocking began. By the end of the night, I was over that sweater, and to ensure that I would never accidentally wear it again, I burned it.

An extreme reaction? Yes, but I was young and as a rule I do tend to run hot and cold. Besides, at the time it was funny to me. I am pretty sure that incident freaked Amy out just a little bit. I am very thankful that she allowed for my bad behavior that day and didn’t hold it against me! Hopefully that has not forever marked me as a "Holiday Hater."

Fun Christmas thing to share- On Saturday, I visited a stop on the Tacky Light Tour in Richmond. It was an incredible sight, two houses side by side, lit up as if they were trying to send a message into space! If you find yourself in Richmond, VA, at night, sometime in the month of December, be sure to stop by 9604 Asbury Ct Richmond, VA 23229 (Normally, I would not put someone’s address in my blog, but I have found this address on multiple Tacky Lights tour links. Also, judging by the line of cars going by the house on Saturday night, the place is not a secret!).

Seeing these two houses lit up has inspired me to seek out houses in my area that would qualify for a “Tacky Light” award. It is a fun free family thing to do, and that is always something to be thankful for- anytime of the year.

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