Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 41

Today’s tie is special because it was a gift! I went to my mailbox at school last week and it was waiting there for me. The attached note mysteriously said, “From the Tie Santa.” What a great Surprise!

This bright and colorful tie has green, white and red stripes that zip diagonally across the tie from the right shoulder to the left foot. Large, bold snowflakes dance merrily on the fabric as if to say, “Tis the season to be Jolly!” The tie also has a little button to push, that when pressed, plays “Silent Night.” I could have sworn that Sammy was able to get it to play more songs this morning, but I haven’t been able to all day…

This tie was the perfect kick off to the Christmas Tie Collection. Over the next few days I will be wearing all of the Xmas ties I have- to make sure I get them all in the correct season! It would be a really strange thing to see me wear a Christmas tie in May. Not that I wouldn’t if someone was so bold as to dare me to do it!

This tie was also perfect for today because I started my annual reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with students at my school. I have not read the story in 355 days or so, but I remembered it perfectly and I am pretty sure I could have done it without looking at the pages (but then it would really be more like a recitation and less like a book reading). That is pretty good for a guy who has to really think about it before giving his home phone number!

Thanks Tie Santa!

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