Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tie a Day, Number 40

Last Thursday, I was beat. I had just returned the night before from the VSTE conference in Roanoke, VA, and ironing was not something I was willing to do.

I grabbed my favorite Columbia shirt and started looking for a tie. I love the shirt but normally I iron it before wearing. Luckily it is one of those shirts you can wear without ironing as long as it hasn’t been balled up in a drawer or something.

The tie I chose was one that went with the colors I was wearing, and the design was perfect for distracting viewers from the shirt wrinkles. The cracked glass type of design worked nicely with the color and like of ironing.

Honestly though, I didn’t care. I just wanted my coffee. Soon after this picture, I began a continuous caffeine drip for the rest of the day. It took me two more days to catch up on all the sleep I lost at the conference.

40 ties down and a whole boat-load left to go!

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