Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday night

I am sitting here thinking about trying to photograph the Perseid meteor shower and I really want to try. I have always been interested in space, and I was lucky enough to catch a meteor shower when I was younger. Of course, for me it all goes back to Star Trek. I swear, when I was a kid one of my earliest memories is of Star Trek. I was three and the episode was "The Empath." I was very moved by this mute woman who absorbed the pain from Kirk, Bones and Spock. By the time I was six I watched Star Trek everyday after school. I think it came on at 5pm. Back then there were only 3 TV stations and I memorized when every show worth watching came on. I was terrified by "The Man Trap," and had nightmares about all of the salt being sucked out of my body by a sucker covered alien.
I am pretty well versed in The Original Series, and The Next Generation, but I am reluctant to call myself a Trekkie. Probably because some of those people are pretty freaky.
Ok, so I have a Captain Kirk uniform shirt, and a Klingon outfit, but that's ok because they were just Halloween costumes, right? Yes, I have a Klingon to English dictionary, but it was only to get into my Kilngon role. I also have a bunch of Star Trek Christmas orniments (and by a bunch I mean at least one tree full), but that was an effort by my wife to get me into celebrating Christmas. It worked, but all of my favorites get the best spots on tree, or I pout and refuse to help decorate.
But I am not a Trekkie.
In college a bunch of my fraternity brothers and I would crowd into a small dorm room everynight at 11:30 to watch Star Trek. When the show would begin it was a race to figure out what show it was before anyone else. "It's the Tribbles!" And then someone would have to say, "That's a good one." When the theme song (the woman singing) started everyone would scream the song so that you could hear us up and down the hall and probably over a couple of floors. That was awesome. But I don't think I have to be labeled with "Trekkie."
When my wife was pregnant and refused to carry on my family name and make our first born son the fifth (I can't really blame her for that), I lobbied heavily for the name James Tiberious Doss for about two weeks. I don't think I was serious, I was using it as a negotiation ploy.
I don't know, maybe I shouldn't deny who I am, but don't call me a "Trekkie" or I'll have to give you the "Vulcan Nerve Pinch."
It is now time to set up for the meteor shower. I hope I get at least one good picture.

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