Monday, August 13, 2007

Meteor Shower

I stayed up last night until 3am to try and get one picture of the meteor shower. No luck. I did see about 7 or 8 meteorites. One that was particularly bright. It was pretty neat, and it made me think that I haven't just sat and stared at the night sky for a very long time.
Having children is the most important thing that I have ever done, or will do in this life, but when you have children you give up a large part of what you used to be and morph into a new person. I gladly made that sacrifice and would do it again, but it made me think of how things have changed. Sacrifice is the most important step in self improvement and I know I am a better person for it.
Anyway, this is what the night looked like for me. I should probably share why I had to try to take a picture of a meteorite.
During the summer my oldest son invited a friend over for a sleep over. I got the bright idea to explore the chemical reaction involved when you mix Diet Coke with Mentos. Safe, interesting and something we can do in the street at night because no cars would interrupt us. I was exploring using a new camera that the school system gave to us, and really wanted to take some night photos. The first picture came out really cool with me looking like a ghost with a ghost geyser shooting out of the bottle. Diet coke shot up higher than the basketball backboard. Very impressive.
Just to make sure that I had everything I needed, I had purchased seven 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke so that we could all have 2 turns with one spare - just in case. While I was taking pictures of each attempt, my son's friend couldn't get the Mentos to drop in the bottle. In his excitement he pinched the sleeve I made and it seemed that the picture was a loss. Later that night, I checked the photos and was very excited to see what appeared to be a meteorite in the the supposedly bad picture.
The picture that I linked to is smaller than the original, but I zoomed in on the original picture to try and see if it was a plane, or something else. I have a good eye and did not see, or hear, a plane during the Mentos session, and felt it was a lock as a meteorite photo.
So, the following day I checked it again, to make absolutely sure that is what I thought it was, and then sent it off to a planetarium for a professional point of view. The guy who responded was nice, but he shot me down. I was ticked and underestimated the difficulty in pulling off a good meteorite photo. Not his fault, it was mine for getting overexcited.
That is why I felt compelled to sit in a chair until 3am last night.
I still want to take a picture of a meteorite, but I am going to have plan better and have some luck. Maybe in November...

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