Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am a Winner!

I rarely win things, so win it happens that I do win something, I get a little excited.

I guess it was a month ago that one of my Twitter friends said the there was a Funky Monkey Review and Giveaway on her blog about free samples of a kind of fruit snack.

The directions were simple, "leave a comment here telling which of the 4 flavors you think you (or your kids) would like best."

I had my normal 32 oz of coffee that morning and came up with this-

I think my kids would like the Bananamon flavor. I am sure that it would have nothing to do with me walking around saying, “Bananamon!” in my best Jamaican accent.
The Kids would ask, “What is that Dad?”
“Banana, Mon!” I would say in my accent.
“No, really. What is it?” My children would ask with annoyance at my fake accent.
“It’s Banana, Mon!” I would continue to say and just for good measure I would add in the hearty laugh from the old 7Up commercials with the Jamaican guy in it, “Ha, ha! Ha! Ha!”
It would be fun for the whole family for about 15 min before the kids take the bag from me and run into the other room to discuss how weird their father is, and how they should try to keep me indoors for the rest of the day while sampling this new product.

And that is exactly what I did before my family sampled all of the flavors! A box was waiting for me when I walked in the door this afternoon. Four bags of each flavor, and everyone in the family was happy...

There are many contests at Maybe you can win something too!

Thanks Kate!


Kate Olson said...

Are you serious? You got 4 bags of each flavor? That's insane and NO FAIR! Just kidding :-) We only got one bag each of 3 of the flavors to review, so the readers are REALLY the winners in this case! Happy you took the time to entertain me that morning too :-)

Al said...

Thanks again Kate! Always glad to leave a smile.
Looking at the entry, I have fallen out of blog practice. How many wins do I need to put in the first sentence? Maybe I meant to put the second one in quotation marks as homage to one of my new favorite blogs -
- it cracks me up! Or, it could be that my poor communication skills become more apparent the faster I type.