Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Alamo

This is me and my Second Life friend Thunder in costume looking at a poster at the Alamo with our names on it.

Sunday was the big day. Day one at the big NECC and the Alamo tours in Second Life. A small group avatars volunterred to be tour guides for the Alamo re-creation at the ISTE sim. I had been concerned about doing a good job, but it seems that I was worried about nothing. I gave two tours to a total of 4 people. I guess I had been hoping for more.

This Video was made by my SL friend Norma Underwood.

This Video Was made by the Alamo Tour organizer Valibrarian (SL name).

I was excited to meet some new people and it really was a very good example of how a virtual environment can be used for distance learning applications. Of course I did stretch myself by doing something completely new, so I think it was a great experience.

This is me, Alfredo, giving a tour in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library.

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