Saturday, August 9, 2008

Disney Vacation in 1 Minute or Less

For the second year in a row, my school system is hosting a video contest for all of the computer resource teachers during our summer conference. The theme is, "What did you do on your Summer Vacation." I love to play and make things, so I entered a video. I am not that excited about the competition part, not that winning wouldn't be nice, I just don't like people to get upset about who won. I like the creative part of the contest. The building of an plan of action and putting things together to make the video. I like to share what I have done because I like to make others laugh, and there is nothing quite like that sound when a large group of people bursts out with a good belly laugh.

I recently went to Disney World with the family and I pulled a few videos and pictures together to tell my little story. (Warning! if you are a CRS, don't look! Save your viewing for the conference!)

It took my longer than I really wanted to spend making my summer video, but that seems to be the way I operate. The first picture in the video I made based on the design for the Lancelot Link logo. I used Paint Shop Pro 9 to create the logo (this would not have been my program of choice, but sometimes we must adapt and use what is available). I decided to go with a spy theme, so I looked for a short YouTube video with a tape player on it. I recorded myself making the mission statement using Windows Sound Recorder. I also performed a bit of Karoke for the sound track. I used the My Space Karoke tool and sang Secret Agent Man. I then recorded that version using Camtasia (free 30 day trail version) and exported that file to mp3.

I used Microsoft's Movie Maker to create the video. It is the easiest program to use for this function that I have available. I would have used Camtasia for this, but it doesn't always do what I want it to do without fiddling with the controls, so I stuck with a program that would do what I wanted it to on the first try.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!