Thursday, July 10, 2008

NECC T-shirt, follow-up!

Kim Caise, a teacher who also missed the fun NECC liked my shirt and offered to help anyone who wants one get it at a lower price! If you are interested in a shirt, try out Kool Imprints.

Her comment- "We can print the shirts for you for around $14 including shipping. Feel free to contact us for a price quote at:" That is at least $3 less than what I paid for mine!

This is what the shirt looks like...
Thanks to Tracy Murdach at for the shout out on your blog!
Thank you to Vicki A. Davis at CoolCatTeacher,! My picture is on her blog! Man, I really need to work out or something...
Thank you to the Tech Chick Tips,! I am honored by the attention.
I think it is great that people like the t-shirt. I would be very excited to see someone wearing it someday.

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Joel McDonald said...

That is one of the more brilliant shirts ever!