Thursday, September 6, 2007


I am completely exhausted. Physically and mentally drained. The first week of school is always hard, but there is the additional pressure of the upcoming weekend.

I love my friends, all of them. I love the fact that I have friends who are completely different from myself in every respect. I also love it when my friends from out of town visit. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does I want everything to be perfect.

I have to stop there because I am not perfect, I am a mess. I have fabulous wife and awesome kids, but as a group we live in the midst of chaos. We are rarely organized, normally highly spontaneous, and generally have a lot of fun in whatever we decide to do.

My friends who will be visiting also have lots of fun, but they are organized and efficient about their fun using schedules and lists. This has caused me much worry. I don't believe that there is anything wrong with the way they do things, and while my world is less than perfect, I have accepted that as my state of being. Basically, I don't want the two worlds to collide and and cause fallout.

I have literally been worried about his event for a year. Last year was the first year that our friends came down to visit for the Oceana Naval Air Show. Everyone had a great time time, but there were minor things that led me to believe that difficulties may arise in the future.

So today I check my biorhythms. Now I don't necessarily believe in them, but I do occasionally look to see what they say out of curiosity. I have only checked my biorhythms 4 times in the last 5 months. It is not a regular thing for me. I only looked because I wanted a peak in a possible future for me.

Huge mistake! I use the Free and Easy Biorhythm Calculator V2.90, they did upgrade maybe that was the problem in the calculations... My reading said everything that I fear the most;

"Today you tend to speak honestly and directly, but internal angst compels you to take a personal interest even in areas where it is unwarranted, and this may cause conflicts. Exercise, sports, physical labor, or any other activity that requires strength, determination, and initiative will bring you pleasure.
Physical state: Positive
Emotional state: Negative
Intellectual state: Negative
Intuitive state: Positive
Physical instability
Be careful when using tools and appliances, working with fire or electricity, or when operating machinery or transports. Accidents or injuries may occur on the job.
Emotional instability
Extreme sensitivity and emotional instability may affect everything, from work to personal relationships. You may be hard to understand. Don't let your emotions carry you away. Try to concentrate.
Intellectual minimum
The intellectual minimum is a period of diminished mental activity in which thought and memory are impaired (usually men are more strongly affected). This is not a good time to negotiate, sign contracts, make important decisions, or implement new ideas. During this time it is better to do simple mechanical tasks."

So, to sum up, on Saturday I am going to be stupid, should not be around anything electrical or mechanical, I will be extremely sensitive, and cause conflicts with my mouth. Those of you who know me are probably thing, "So what will be different about Saturday from every other day of the week?" Well basically, I want to be a good host and not my normal jerky type self. My biorhythms say I am doomed.

If I know what the future holds, can I change the future that I am heading to? If these will be my failings on Saturday, can I, now that I know what my failings will be, rise above all of them and be a better person? Is this a temporal paradox? I have never understood time travel but have given it quite a bit of thought. If time travel is possible, can I just fast forward to a happy ending?

Maybe I should check my Horoscope...

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