Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Personal Assistant

I have been struggling with my blog lately. There have been many things that I have wanted to share, but the time is not available when I am the most motivated, so I procrastinate. It could be that it is the winter blahs, or maybe I just need a little help.

Luckily, I think I have found a solution. I need my own private Sven. I saw it on a commercial, so it must be good. I bet that others could benefit from this personal assistant idea, too.

I would be an ideal person to work for. Every once in a while I need a good smack- who doesn't want to smack their boss? Some days I just need to be brought down a peg. On other days, a good joke and a cookie might get me back on track. If my assistant can carry around a little notebook and remind me of things, that would be the best.

Its not like I am Paula Abdul or anything. I think I would easy to work with, but there is the money issue- as in, I don't have any.

Maybe I could turn this idea into a social works project. I like the sound of, "Homeless Helper." I could just go down to the shelter and pick one up. I would want a young one so that I could mold him into the ideal assistant. Maybe I could even name him Sven. That would be cool!
Wait, there is a problem here. Who is really going to let me rename them? And I can't pay, even for Karate lessons...

Maybe I should just spend more time with my dog. She licks me and that always makes me feel better. Every once in a while she has an accident that I have to clean up-that is a great way to put me in my place. Maybe I could even get her to remind me of things- if I could just get her to wear sticky notes. Then my only remaining problem would be how could I take her everywhere with me? I could fake blindness! But then my notes would have to be in braille, and I can't read braille...

I am going to have to put more thought into this idea. Stupid commercial!

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