Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 97

Silk ties are very nice. This is not news to anyone, but maybe I have just started to pay attention and notice the obvious.

The tie I wore on Monday was a good reminder of all I had forgotten about a fine silk tie. The fine thread was so smooth that I barely felt it as I slid it around my neck. This particular tie is reflective and has a thick feeling to it. Thick and soft, it reminded me of a neck hug from my kids.

The conservative design is ok, but you can't miss the high quality of this tie. At some point in the past I am sure this was one of the finest ties in my father's closet, although the pastel colors were not something he normally wore. Somehow, the colors make me think of Easter.

Not really one of my favorite ties to look at, but it was truly a pleasure to wear.

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