Monday, April 19, 2010

Tie a Day, Number 93

I put very little thought into today’s tie. Since I was running a bit late and had a difficult weekend, I chose my clothes by what did not need ironing. I should probably amend that to say, what I wore may have needed ironing, but I was in no mood to deal with it.

Normally, I kind of like to iron. It is a way that I can feel control over something in my day. I can take the chaos of a wrinkled shirt and make the fabric conform to my will. It is an empowering feeling.

Ironing is a way that I can take a few minutes out of each day and allow my mind to focus on only one thought, “Don’t burn yourself stupid!” I know it is strange that this is a peaceful experience for me, but I have never made a claim that I am normal.

This tie is ok. I have no strong feelings about it as being good or bad. It has a black background with what appears to be golden cat tails and some sort of odd purplish flowers mixed together all over the tie. I am kind of leaning towards not liking the tie, but it might be that my shirt and pants don’t bring out the best in this tie.

In any case, this is a Hugo Boss tie from the late eighties. It is redundant for me to admit that I have no style, but today is the first time I have ever taken the time to look at Hugo Boss. It seems that Hugo Boss is a German fashion and lifestyle house based in Metzingen that specializes in high-end mens- and womenswear

I really should get out more.

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