Sunday, May 3, 2009

The New Star Trek Movie

I was terribly surpised on Friday to be offered two tickets to see the new Star Trek movie. I had been off the grid for a couple of days trying to complete some work and had missed many Twitter posts. Amazingly, no one else snapped them up! I had to change plans, and beg cooperation from my wife to make it happen.

I have to give a serious Woot! shout out to @SteveBFW who gave me the tickets to the Virginia Beach Premeire. And I also have to thank @LAlconcel for putting in a good word for me when I was temporarily out of contact. I love my Twitter peeps!

Yesterday morning at 10:30am I found myself at early screening of a Star trek movie with my daughter Savannah. She was excited to spend a little time with Dad, probably because she knows she gets whatever she wants when we are together. Funny, she didn't want much before the movie. I gave her a twenty to go to the candy counter and she only came back with bottled water and Twizzlers.

I was so geeked out to be at this sneak peak, I nearly emitted a constant squeal from the time I jumped in line. I am surprised that I didn't embarass Savannah in public by trying out my Klingon language skills, or my Captain Kirk persona.

I have stayed away from all of the spoiler sites and waited with much excitement to see this movie, and there I was seeing it before anyone else in the city. Wow!

They gave out stickers and posters as we entered the theater. Savannah and I rushed to the lower level of the theater and grabbed the center seats in the top row- which are the best seats ever!

Savannah and I at the Movie. Notice my shirt?

During the movie there was a Paramount guy wandering around making sure no one was taking pictures or movies of the showing. Security was tight. I have never been to a movie like that.
CW27, a local TV station, was sponsoring the event and took a picture of Savanah and I. I had to sign a waver, and they said that they were going to post our picture on their website on Monday. I will add a link when I find the slide show...
Update! 5/4/09 Here is the Link- Savannah and I are on the CW 27!

Movie Review
While I refuse to ruin a good movie by telling the story, I do think I need to say something about it. The movie was AWESOME! It is by far, the Best Star trek Movie yet!

I have grown up on Star Trek, and some people might say that this fact makes me an impartial judge of the movie, but I would have to disagree. Good is easy to pick out and so is bad, but my love for the Star Trek is like my love for my dog. She can make a mistake and I will still love her, but I don't have to like her poop.

In my opinion The Wrath of Kahn used to be the best Star Trek movie because it was true to the original series. It had action and passion and was just plain fun.

Generations was was a close second because it tied the past from The Orignial Series (TOS) to The Next Generation (which I also loved). I also thought it was the best story of all the movies.

The worst movie was the first one, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It was stuffy and difficult to sit through. I must say that I have seen it many times since that day in December of 1979, because there is still much to love about the movie. The bald navigator Ilia is mesmerizing.

There were some other Star Trek that were also pretty bad, but luckily the new Star Trek movie is not one of them. There is lots of action and excitement that will thrill people who aren't into Strek Trek. From the first minutes of the movie to to the last few minutes I was glued to my seat.

The special effects were out of control good. Explosions and space scenes were perfect. The special effects did not take the viewer away from the story, which was very important to me. Otherwise, it would have been a very painful time in the seat for me, because the story makes the movie.

The best part was the storyline. It stayed true to the characters from TOS, but added a surpising twist. This is the beginning of more fun things to come from the Star Trek franchise. If you have never liked Star Trek, now is the time to give it a chance.

At one point in the movie Savannah turns to me and says, "I have to go to the bathroom." Normally I would never send her out by herself, but she is seven and growing more indepenant every day, and I couldn't go into the bathroom with her anyway, so I asked her, "Do you know where the bathroom is? Do you need me to come with you?"

I felt terribly guilty because I didn't want to leave, and the burden of parenthood told me I should have gone with her, but she was ready and was back in only a min or two. Does that make me a bad parent, a Trekkie, or both?

As Savannah and I were walking out of the theater we were asked to give a quick review. I said,"10 out of 10 stars. The best Star Trek Movie yet." Having had a whole almost a whole day to think about it, I still think that is accurate.

I want more! I never go to the movies anymore, but have already told the kids I would take them all to see Star trek when it opens later this week for the world to see.

I have already ordered my Cheezit Star trek shirt and have plans to order them for the whole family, I just need a few more boxes! While I wait patiently for my new shirt, I will probably Trek Myself a few more times...

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Joe Corbett said...

On that note I'll be leaving the office now and heading to go see this movie, can't wait any longer. Thanks for signing up for the #NECC09 Tweet-Up!

Nomad said...

this new Star Trek is so much fun, especially after what a letdown Wolverine ended up being; the new Capt. Kirk is a lot more more believable as a leader-type than William Shatner