Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Million Puppet Project

I have always wanted to be a part of the Guinness Book of World Records. Ever since I was a kid and saw the Happy Days episode called "The Book of Records," (episode 77, aired on 1/18/77) I have always thought it would be cool to be in the Guinness Book. I remember trying to catch quarters off of my elbow to see how many I could catch and flinging quarters all over the house. I know I was not the only kid who did this in 1977.

Now I see my chance! I can be part of a world record. You can, too! The Million Puppet Project. A million puppets is a lot of puppets...

They even have simple puppet designs to help out the puppetry challenged among us. I am partial to the Jumping Jack. Even the good old paper bag puppets would work. If you want to practice online before you make a puppet, maybe this will inspire you.
The puppets can have an educational theme, or just be for fun. But don't get too attached to them because I don't think they will be coming back. They will be taking a one way trip Down Under.

Of course, whatever puppets I collect I will be shipping to Australia before March 21st, '08, and I have no idea how much that will cost, but I don't care... I want be a part of something big and the world's largest hamburger (removed naughty link 03/04/08) is is already out of my league. It will also give me a good excuse to use Google Earth to locate Fremantle, Australia.
Even if this doesn't work, and the Million Puppet Project fails to make the World Record list I still have a plan. I will thrill the world in October.

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