Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Pain of My Colors

The first winter hat that I can remember having as a child was a gold and burgundy knit cap with a big pom-pom on the end and a Redskins patch. I loved that hat. I think that it was because of that hat that I became a Redskins fan.

Now, as a 41 year old male, I no longer have that hat. I wish that I did, but they don't make them like that anymore so I can't even have a stand in. I do have a closet full of Redskins clothes. I have 15 hats, 17 shirts, a pair of boxers, sweat pants, sweat shirts, a winter jacket, lounge pants (pajamas- but real men don't wear that stuff), and other non clothes items that are far to numerous to list.

The last time a Redskins team won the Super Bowl I missed most of it. I am embarrassed to say that I was busy girl chasing in college and missed all of the good stuff. I did a lot of that in college, I think it is normal, but I missed the glory days of Redskins football. I should have been watching football because now I don't even remember what it is like to have a team to be proud of...

The Redskins are still above .500, so that is good, but after the agony of watching my team destroyed on Sunday, I feel like there is little hope for this team to really be anything more than an also ran. I really have to ask, was it necessary to completely humiliate a team, and their fans, on television like that? I don't think Gandhi would have agreed with what the Patriots did, but he never did learn to appreciate football.

Perhaps the crushing defeat the Redskins experienced (along with the fans) is the result of the bad Karma created by Joe Gibbs in his first go around as head coach. Maybe being wiped all of the field was a form of cosmic justice, but doesn't that in turn create bad Karma for the Patriots?
No one enjoys having their face rubbed in their own weaknesses, but 350 defensive linemen can actually do something about it. I don't wish anything bad on anyone, but I couldn't believe that none of the Redskins had resorted to juvenile acting out as some sports journalists suggested. I would have considered it, but I am quick to anger and usually regret those types of things later, so I have learned to behave. Taking that kind of spanking goes beyond anything I have ever seen in professional football. I realize that the Patriots can do whatever they want, but I don't agree with their reasoning.

Not every team will be as gracious in losing as the skins were on Sunday. Someone, somewhere, is not going to appreciate the throttling that they must take at the hands of the Patriots. It might only take one hit to end their dominance...

Meanwhile, I have to live with my team. One with highly overpaid conservative coaches (Gibbs- as head coach, Williams- Defense, and Saunders- Offense) whose idea of imaginative play calling is a reverse, or a prevent defense. The offense did nothing against New England. Little out patterns, nothing deep, no variety in calls. Defense played a completely different style than every other week so far this year. Like they were afraid. Where is my hard hitting pair of safeties? Why was there no blitzing?

I have been supporting the Redskins for about ten years by purchasing tickets, concessions, and by buying a ridiculous amount of things with the Redskins logo on it. All of that money has gone into Dan Synder's pocket and created a loser. But I can't go against my team. What about my little knit hat with the pom-pom? So I will return to the scene of ultimate failure as a sports fan, FEDEX field. How is it that you can be associated with a losing team but never believe that they will lose? Each year is filled with high expectations and no satisfaction (and quite a bit of financial loss on my teacher's salary).

There are two more games that I have tickets to go and see, in the good seats (club level), but I think I need to save my dignity. I know! I will go in disguise.

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