Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day of school for kids. It is wonderful day. A day for reflection on the year gone by, and the beginning of something new and exciting.

It will also be my last day with students at Glenwood. All of the years past, twenty five years, seem like only yesterday. It is very strange to think of things this way, because I am leaving this place that I have always considered to be home and all the people who I have always thought of as family.

I keep thinking about all the great times and the wonderful people I have known. When I started at Glenwood I was 23 and right out of college. I was a Kindergarten teacher, a Computer Resource Teacher, and a Computer Resource Specialist at Glenwood. Most importantly, I met my wife at Glenwood, and when we were married the whole school came and celebrated.

Just the Glenwood group. This picture is on our mantle at home. Amy is in a chair and the photographer thought it would be great for me to sit on her. Akward Family Wedding Photo! 

Today I am 48 and next week Amy and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We have 3 wonderful kids. And every step along the way I have been at Glenwood, and the people there have shared my life. This place is more than just work.

I think that most times in life you have very little realization of each moment. I know I often think about things and wonder why I wasn’t paying better attention because I missed something. I have tried to pay extra close attention over the past few months to absorb everything that is going on. But it’s just not possible!

The only thing that I wish I could more fully express is an appropriate level of thankfulness. The problem for me is that for something so big- it is overwhelming. I want to say thank you. I had an awesome time! Call me, text me, Facebook Friend me; I’m not that far away! But it all seems a bit weak and ineffective.

While I am excited about the future and the challenges that I will face, it is important to respect the past. I know that Glenwood has made me a better person. Thank you for letting me be a Gator!


Jessica said...

While I have only known you for a very small portion of your total time at Glenwood I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. I have really gotten to know and love your wife and hope that we can hang out like we talked about at Finn's. I wish you the best of luck in your new life adventure and want you to know that your Glenwood family will always be here for you!

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