Monday, April 28, 2008

The Arena

I went to Northern Virginia this past weekend to attend my niece's and nephew's birthday party at Pump It Up. Going anywhere outside of the house it is just not possible for me to leave without taking a bunch of electronic gizmos. This weekend I took a Flip Camera. I decided to use the Flip Camera because I had purchased it for school but did not have a chance to use it for any projects and it needed a test run.

The party was held at a local Pump it Up. If you have never been to Pump It Up, imagine a warehouse with giant inflatable bouncy things. Bouncy basketball, bouncy obstacle course and bouncy arena.

I normally try not to get in on the bouncy things because I play as hard as the kids and I sweat like a pig. After play time the group goes into a birthday cake area and then I end up looking like a freak who just ran a marathon. This time my son challenged me to Joust, and with my wife's encouragement, I decided to teach the boy a lesson!

I imported the video and edited it with Movie Maker. I tried to use the Flip software but I couldn't make it do what I wanted fast enough, so I switched to Movie Maker. I had to add the theme music for the Star Trek battle theme because I did my Cable Guy imitation at the beginning.

I suppose I should say that the Flip Camera is incredibly easy to use, and it is pretty tough. I would recommend it for anyone who wants quick and simple video capture. I am looking forward to more creative projects with it soon! I might even let the kids use it...


Janene said...

My favorite part is when he just tosses it at you. I might have resorted to that strategy earlier.

Christina said...

Great choice in music! You have A LOT of energy. I think you had a bit of a height advantage over your son. Give him a rematch in a couple years.

Debra said...

Big bully!

Al said...

Hey now! I did have to cut the very end- because it didn't match up with the music track- where he jumped on top of me when I collapsed. I may be bigger, but he has me on endurance.