Monday, March 17, 2008

Puppet Collection Finished

The Million Puppet Project has been something that I have been working on for a few weeks now. The goal for me, and anyone I could convince to participate in the project, was to be part of a Guinness Book world record. Last week I mailed out a small box weighing only 5 lbs. and it cost $63.33 to ship it! All things considered that was inexpensive, I guess. I mean I have never sent anything to Fremantle, Western Australia, before.

I had hoped to drum up a little more participation, but unfortunately, I had short notice. Only about a week and a half of actual puppet making time was available. As it was, I cut it very close to the due date. I shipped out all of the puppets 8 days before it was supposed to arrive in Fremantle using 3-5 day shipping (which I was assured was only an estimate).

Ninety puppets were collected. If I had known that I was going to be close to 100 I would have made more puppets myself- just to make it an even number. Like Monk I have a need to make nice round numbers...

Below is a Google Earth Movie that shows the journey the puppets will take. I had to try out my new copy of Google Earth Pro (Free For Educators). One of the cool things that it can do is make videos of the Google Earth experience. So here it is, the trip the puppets will make from our school, Glenwood Elementary in Virginia Beach, to Fremantle, Australia.

Here are some pictures and movies I made of the different puppets I sent off...

The above picture is of Ms. P's class puppets. I tool this picture before I had decided to take individual pictures. I kind of liked that they were grouped because her class made different kinds of puppets. There are some jumping jacks and some rod puppets. She also had the puppets themed to the books the children were reading in class.

The movie above is of a group of puppets comes from Mrs. F's and Ms. R's 2nd grade classes. They seemed to have varying themes, but sticking generally to the animal theme. They made all paper bag puppets.

The final video, located above, is a little photo story of Ms. P's Kindergarten class and the puppets that my family created. All of these puppets were made with the good old paper bag but the themes are all over the place. Some are animals, some people, some are ???

Anyway, from this end the project was a success. It was fun, and everyone who submitted a puppet will hopefully get to point to a record in the Guinness Book and say, "I was a part of that."

I will try to stay on the Project and find out how things turned out...

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